Lucifer – 6 seasons [2016-]


Description: Lucifer Morningstar, bored from his sulking life in hell, comes to live in Los Angeles. While there, he helps humanity with its miseries through his experience and telepathic abilities to bring people’s deepest desires and thoughts out of them. While meeting with a Detective in his nightclub (Lux), a shootout involving him and the Detective leads him to become an LAPD consultant who tries to punish people for their crimes through law and justice.

Creator: Tom Kapinos

Stars: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Kevin Alejandro


  • It’s Good to be Bad.
  • Hot As Hell


  • Tom Ellis (Lucifer) does his own singing throughout the show, although does not play the piano on screen. In early interviews for the show, he said he didn’t “really know” how to. In 2019, a video of him accompanying himself on a piano whilst singing showed he’s since added this skill to his repertoire (however, he has said in several interviews since that he is still only playing ¨air piano¨ in scenes as Lucifer).
  • In almost all episodes, the name of the episode is said by Lucifer.
  • In the TV series Supernatural, season 11 Ep 10, the show’s version of Lucifer says that if he got out of his cage in hell, he would move to LA and help solve crime. The episode aired before the Lucifer pilot.
  • The Lucifer cast and crew were told of the fifth and final season renewal only hours before the information was released to the public.
  • After being cancelled on May 11, 2018 the Hashtag #saveLucifer started trending on Twitter and within a day on May 12, 2018 the hashtag has more than 1 million tweets. Currently on June 2, 2018 #saveLucifer now has more than 8 million tweets and counting.
  • The book Chloe reads to Trixie is “Coraline” by Neil Gaiman. Lucifer is based on a character in Gaiman’s “Sandman” graphic novels.
  • VERY loosely based on the DC Comic character Lucifer Morningstar from the comic Sandman.
  • Despite playing the Devil, Tom Ellis revealed that his father, uncle, and sister are pastors and are very supportive of his acting.

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